In Harmony Dog Training, LLC
   Julia is a proud graduate of a workshop for advanced dog trainers with Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer."

Julia Levitt has helped many dogs and their owners learn how to live together in harmony.


"We adopted our beloved dog from a shelter and took him to dog training classes for months but walking with him continued to be absolutely miserable.  He lunged and barked every time he saw another dog; never came when we called him; and went crazy whenever someone came to our door.  We dreamed of being able to run  and hike with him but his behavior was mortifying and got so bad that we started to dread taking him out in public. 

Our dog spent 3 weeks with Julia and a miracle occurred.  Our dog now walks on a leash peacefully, comes when we call him, and sits on his bed when guests arrive.  Other dog owners have even enviously complimented our dog when we are out running with him.  We were THRILLED to learn from her how we can be in charge and will forever be grateful that she helped transform our dog from a nightmare to an absolute delight!"

Julie Hollberg and Tracy Vettese  

"Upon first meeting Julia we were thrilled by the calm assertive presence she brought upon walking into our home.  Our puppy Beans was immediately attentive and even sat down in front of her!  Julia engages her clients with active listening, calm reassurance and positive feedback ... making you feel as though you can actually accomplish the desired training results.  I exuberantly recommend her to anyone regardless of the type of training you need from basic to extreme ... She is wonderful to work with!!!"  

Merlis Nolan

Whether it's enjoying your walks together, greeting visitors to your home in a friendly and respectful manner, or peacefulness at meal time -- your dog can do it -- and so can you!

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